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This is the old Mattawamkeag drive in. It was located on route 157. Last movies were shown in the early 80's. Screen was torn down in the 90's I believe.

went there several times, too bad that it wasn't worth taking care off, for future generations.

I watched Jaws there in the 70's. We lived in Mattawamkeag and used to ride our dirt bikes out back and watch the movies for free. Its all grown up with trees now. Not sure if the projection building is still there or not.... they had great popcorn

Movies went down hill when they played crated movies every weekend All in all most kids today don't know what it was like to go to a drive in Theater Remember I was excited to go mom would pack up the kids and made lots of popcorn

spent some time here got in in the trunk

Wow, does this ever bring back childhood memories!

All grown in now, although the slab for the buildings are still there complete with the original tiles.

i remember seeing m.a.s.h.....charlie moscone would make passes in all the rows with the defogger spraying fly dope. was attached to the bumper of his el comino. you wouldnt think the bugs could find that little crack in the window where the speaker hung, but they did. nice pic

Onis Beaulier Sr ran the projecter for Charlie, and there is nothing left at all there now

i saw the first james bond movie there goldfinger

I believe Charlie had a ranchero

I remember seeing One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest here in 1976 :)

My stepfather,herman michaud, built it with 3 other guys from greenville. I worked in the concession stand till the old farm inn burned down.

I have a lot of great memories there, as my father Onis worked there. Was able to see all the movies of the 1960’s.

saw a lot of movies with parents and also after i got my first car

Lots of good memories at this drive in during the 60s & 70s..I can still smell the fries & popcorn❣

Lots of good memories at this drive in during the 60s and 70s..I can still smell the fries & popcorn ❣

I am 87 now and can remember a lot of secret "loven" went on and the movies were interesting then too.

For several years my brother,Jack, picked up refuse after the movie. In the morning. Found money, condoms, and food debris etc. Jack also grew a pig and bull across the street in the old barn.

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