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I think that is Thompsons Boat Yard

Here is a link to an 1894 map of Bath...there is a zoom function so one can really drill down to the gives names (circa 1894) of the shipyards along the Kennebec River (

Danny MacDonalds Boatyard

I remember MacDonald's Boatyard

The 1894 map shows a J. McDonald's shipyard just south of where the present day Maine Maritime museum correlates on Google map with the parking lot just to the south where there appears to be either a wharf or a ramp leading into the Kennebec. Am I accurate on this?? When did this shipyard close down? Did Maine Maritime acquire the land?

I may have been called Thompson Boat Yard a some point in time, I remember it at McDonalds Boat Yard and was on lower Washington St., The property is now a boat launch.

This is now the site of the boat launch on lower Washington Street.

Oh that was Mcdonalds Boat Yard. I grew up in the house across the street!.. I remember when it was on fire.. it melted the siding on the front of our house!

I remember Mr Mcdonald.. a gruff old curmudgeon.. He had the unique distinction of being the loudest spitter on the planet.
What doesnt show in the photo was the house that is just out of the shot on the lower right side. He lived there with his wife who didnt come outside very often but made fantastic gingerbread.
We used to wait for the bus on there porch when it rained.
The three buildings on the right burned down.. the metal roofed on on the left stood for several years afterwards. It was eventually torn down.
We used to try to sneak around in the yard.. but Mr Mcdonald would always catch us and shoo us back across the street ... "this is no place for kids to play"... but we kept trying!!

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