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This is my mother's childhood home. Owned by Ted Herbert, ~1950 through 1980. Purchased by Scott Howard, home burned down about 1986. Dairy farm had about 80 Holsteins, housed in the large barn. Middle size barn on near side was referred to as the horse barn, but amounted to just a tool shed in my memory. Smallest barn on near side was gone by early 70s. I am curious about the tiny shed in the upper right corner. I know there was a small family graveyard in that general area. The home was beautiful and had a lovely long staircase with an amazing banister that I always wanted to slide down.

I forgot to mention the location: this is on Sandy River Road in Mercer, Maine.

the building you referred to was where the water pump was housed before we put in a submirsible pump in the spring down the road. the graveyard you mentioned was in the pines behind the house. most of the pines were cut down when we moved to NH to settle the Charles Herbert homestead before returning to Maine.

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