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Dill Farm on Dill Road in Starks.

This is where my grandparents Lynn and Hazel Dill lived. The tracks behind the farm lead to the Mueller farm. They moved their in 1938 if memory serves me to escape the Nazis because the mother was Jewish. After WWII the left and the house fell into disrepair. Frankly and Grammie Dill lived there until Grampy died in 1982. Grammie moved to Madison after spending some time with Aunt Muriel in British Columbia. She eventually sold the farm.

Frankly should be Grampy.

Mike Worth, thank you for your comments. This is the kind of history that needs to be recorded.

Mike worth are u on facebook. We bought the place and would love any info or pc. Not sure if u will even get this comment, it's been a couple of yrs.

Would love to do some metal detecting there!

I grew up across the road in the 90s. Dill road has a lot of history. Spent a lot of time metal detecting old cellar holes in the area. Looks like nobody had a need to travel past dill farm back then. Not even seeing a telephone line. Did some research on the dill farm. They had a wind powered water pump in a well on the other side of the road and it pumped to a cistern uphill of the farm so they’d have running water. The man who owned the farm in the late 1800s was superintendent of Madison’s water district which explains how he was able to build that system. My dad and I dug our the well and lined it with concrete tiles to use for our house. Found lead water lines and the wind powered pump that fed dill farm and also another that headed the opposite direction towards where ken Johnson lived in the 90s. An 1880 map shows a house there.

And yes we removed the lead pipes.

If you find a big heavy bulb shaped cast iron thing kicking around the old dill farm, it’s the old pump. My dad gave it to Joe Medieros who owned the dill farm at the time.

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