Photo 12-AWA-28


Melvin and Betty Colcords dairy farm on Rte 1 just opposite Long Cove, up on a little hill over the road. All the buildings are gone now; the house was disassembled and I think put up elsewhere. By 1979 they were no longer milking cows but were selling hay and pulpwood to the paper mill. Betty had a second hand shop out in the barn. Their land went way back, almost to Old County Road. Mel was brought up in a farm just up the street, where the state highway garage is now. That house burned after being struck by lightning July 4 1933.

Before it was a dairy farm my dad Lloyd Sylvester and his brother Alan lived there with their parents Vivian and Evangeline Sylvester, years uncertain but probably in the 1920s to 1930s. They didn't own the property but just lived in part of the house.

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