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Foxy's Den, corner of Routs 202 and 4a, Bar Mills, Maine. (buxton)

This was my dad's restaurant. Foxy's Den. There is now an Aubuchon Hardware Store, A florist, and an eye doctor there. How I miss that place!!

I wish I had come into your life a lot sooner to know you, your folks and this legendary restaurant. It' so nice to see what it looked like and where you spent your childhood playing and probably working, knowing you now. Love, Helen

Best fried clams I ever ate !! My dad grew up in Buxton, my parents used to take us there occasionally. I Knew Foxy, good man!

Oh, my gosh! Foxy's Den! worked there from my sophomore year until I was 19 years old. my home away from home. lived just up the street and could walk to work. Loved my boss! He was my 2nd Dad! will miss always!

I can remember going there as a family, and I can remember riding the snowmobile there from our house in Scarborough up there.

i grew up with David and Brian Foxy's grandsons Wendy's children and remember going there well after it closed to clean up the yard I believe.

Eddie Sargent live across the street and would sit for hours under the big tree in the yard. We bought the lot across the street and I can remember the building standing in 1986.

Back in 58-59 there was a small building there that they called the clam shack. Where my mom and dad first met. I remember the day when the building in the picture was moved from Old Orchard road to it's home here on the corner of 202 &4. If my memory serves me Dad bought this building from Carl Littlefield's dad. It was used for a garage to work on trucks. People came from miles around for the Fried Clams and my fathers stories.

Used to go there for dinner almost every Sunday as a kid. When foxy sold it to the Black's I actually worked there as a waitress for about s year.

Went there all the time my foster sisters husbands family owned it best clams ever

It wasn’t t just a restaurant but a landmark, everyone knew where foxys den corner was.

I remember as a kid we used to drive here from scarbough. My mother's friend Shirley her husband Paul worked at the garage across from where the Dollar General is now. My grandparents lived on 112 since 1967 or maybe sooner. Loved Foxy Den great food

Oh does that bring back memories I can remember a whole lot of things like Cheryl said a second dad. My teen age years putting a quarter" in the Juke Box and play a song called Mr. Lonely" after a broken teenage love affair

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