Photo 57-FYO-16


Ray Smiths Garage Rt. 112 and Depot Street, Bar Mills, Buxton, ME

I spent plenty of days hanging around Ray's and chatting with Ray and the boys..

I was 12 when this photo was father worked as a truck driver for the old Red and White Stores for years ( the store was owned by Hannaford's) he would drive all over Maine delivering goods...his dream was to have his own business, owning his own in 1966 his dream was built . and he called it, " Ray's Garage"....located on Rte 112 in was a full service garage ...he also served gas...I remember pumping gas in many a vehicle back in the brothers were a little bit to young at the time to do this, so I was my dad's right hand man so to speak at the time till the boys were old enough to help out....I would wash windshields if needed, check the oil in everyone's vehicles (after I asked if they would like it done that is) I remember the first gas that my father had to offer folks, it was Exxon and with every fill up, I would run in to the garage with great anticipation and joy to go get this cute little a Tiger's Tail (stuff animal tail) and bring out to give to the customer and say, Hey! you got a tiger by the tail today with your fill up!! haha!! Just to see smiling faces and a robust , thank you! was my reward! It was great!! :-) And I think at that time, gas per gallon weren't much at all..I think it was right around 30 to 35 cents a gallon...? was cheap and you could ride for about a week or two on a full tank! Depending on how far you traveled of course!

Wow! To have some of those cars in this photo now!, if I had them, they would be no doubt, fully restored!, and I would be tooling around to all the car shows for sure!! :-)

Correction..I was 11 yrs old in June of 1966 when my Folks opened up "Ray's Garage" Buxton, located on the Corners of Rte 112 and Depot Street. ( Bar Mills )

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