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120 dyo 28

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Corner of main st and ocean park rd. Now a VIP / O'reillys parts store.

Disagree on description. If this is that building, then why doesn't 120-dyo-27 appear across the street to the top of the photo,where it should be? Also, the roadway on the far side of the building is dirt, and the OP road was tar at that time. -

It was the A&P grocery store at the corner of Main & Ocean Park Road and now VIP/O'Reilly's part store. The road to the left of the store is Ocean Park Road and it is paved in this photo. Behind the store is RP Bell Collision Center

June is correct. That is what is now the RP Bell behind the A&P. It was MacDonalds Gas Station back when the photo was taken. His two wreckers can be seen at the top of the photo. The biggest one was known as "Mac's Monster". Was later Janson's then RP Bell.

Worked at Mac's for 3 years

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