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  • Alice Maddoxs' store and gas station
  • Gulf gas station
  • Gas station near the intersection of route 4 and 9 in North Berwick. Madison Street is at the top of the photo.
  • Tory Hill Corner - Junction 202 - 112, bar Mills Maine. The old store, restaurant and laundry-matt. The house = My old home! The gas station - almost
  • in the road. The restaurant is gone, the laundry-mat is gone, that gas station/store is gone. They now have a huge gas station setting on the 202
  • I use to do my laundry there. I ate at that restaurant and bought gas at that store...
  • To the left was Smitty's Transmission Shop and Sunoco Gas Station. See next photo.
  • I worked part time weekends at the gas station, at one time or another seems everyone from town stopped in.
  • Butler Corner - gas station now Black Bear Auto
  • The Small building on the right side (Still Standing today) was Brewster's Taxi and Gas station
  • This location abuts that shown in the previous photo #14. Note I 95 gas station in each photo.
  • Tom’s gas station and cabins Route 1 Kittery Maine. Currently (2020) Pine Tree Country Store.

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