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This is at 33 Meeting House Hill road, West Newbury, MA. Facing SE.

Our family operated this farm in the 40's and 50's. My parents were Chet and Tina Dunn. My father replaced the old silo with the one shown in the picture. The photo shows the milk room was removed from the barn. My father built the "salt box" style addition on the house, the addition on the back of the main barn, and planted the two trees by the house. The smaller building behind the barn was my father's shop and housed my small flock of sheep. On the left of the main barn was our hen house. The area to the right of the barn was fenced in and used as the barnyard. The cattle walked down the "lane" (next to the tree line on the right) to get to the pasture. The pasture was in the cleared area on at the top of the picture as well as in the pine grove on the top left. The farm/pasture went up that hill and over to Batchelder Street. The house on the right was owned by Lawrence and Alice Dodge. My parents purchased the farm from the Dodges. At that time there only 4 houses on the hill. From Maple Street you first came to the Burrill home on the right. Next on the right was the Dodges, then our farm. Across the street from the farm the Ross family lived. My sister, brother and I played with Tommy Ross, Polly and Sally Burrill. Winters were fun as we spent most of our outside time sliding/skiing on the hill by the barn. I learned to skate on the ice at the foot of the lane. I graduated 8th grade from Central School then spent my freshman year at Newburyport High. The following summer we moved to Kingston NH. We moved the same year that the new high school opened so I missed going to Pentucket Regional.

Thanks, Prescilla, for taking the time to write this interesting story of your family’s farm. There were so many West Newbury family farms in these aerials and so many stories behind them. I hope lots of others will pass on their stories.

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