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I grew up here. 3209 S. Clare Ave. This is the former location of Royal's Cricket Farm (painted on the side of the southernmost pole barn). This is several years after my family had sold to someone else.

I too grew up here, after you, in the 1980's. Address was 2041 S. Clare Ave when I lived there.
Lot's of memories. We moved here in 1987, so this photo is right after we moved into the double wide. The owners lived in Farwell. We rented until the owners wanted to sell, which would have been about 10 years later. My parents moved from here in 2015 and shortly after it was tore down. During the moving process, your brother David stopped by and I've been emailing him quite often. If you could get with him, I'd like to email you as well! Thank you vintage aerial, you're site is quite awesome.

Ha! I must be getting old. 3209 was the last 4 digits of our phone number when we lived there. You are correct, 2041 was the house number.

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