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we use to work there many years ago

Ola corners, recognized it right away. Moved away from that area in 1968.

Miss that restaurant. So much is gone now that the expressway went through. People will need know what once was if it wasn't for these photos.

My great grandfather and grandparents ran Ola corners years ago. I own a coverall with Ola corners on it. My grandparents lived just north of there, on the east side of Bagley(127). Family name Woodmans.

Many a night there after the bar closed.

I loved that ole truck stop I grew up a mile away. Was my first job as a teenager as well. The freeway did away with some good places this being one.

I can’t believe I found this!! It was, I think, around 1962 or 1963. My grandparents, Walter and Ola Lambert, lived in the small apartment in the back of the restaurant, and my grandfather ran the gas station. They were only there about six months. They moved here from California, lived at Ola Corners for six months, and moved back to California. I was just a little kid, but we used to go there on Saturdays so my dad could help Grandpa pump gas. My dad was a salesman for Mobil Oil and he pulled strings to get the place for my grandparents. I think the cook in the restaurant was named Dorothy (I’m probably wrong about that), but I remember eating a great hamburger with a chocolate shake while sitting at the snack bar. I was disappointed as an adult to find out Ola Corners was not Ola Corners because my grandma Ola lived there! I had not been across M-57 to the west since about 1985, so I was surprised and saddened to find recently that there is nothing left. I wasn’t sure I had the right place, but it’s clear now that I did. Good memories. Thanks so much for including this picture on your site!

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