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  • church
  • Okemos Presbyterian Church. Still there --
  • This was the Mason Church of Christ. The sanctuary was in the larger geodesic dome. A church still sits along the left (west) side of the property. The dome building is gone.
  • 205 W. church st. Williamston. Brookshire Inn and Golf Club
  • 205 W. Church St. Williamston. the Brookshire Inn and Golf CLub
  • this church was at the NE corner of Dexter Trail and Grimes. It has since been razed as part of expansion of Enbridge tank farm.
  • I grew up here! 1506 Catholic Church Rd. Stockbridge, Michigan. Henry and Paulina Wilberding bought this farm from Anthony Leinhart. Anthony's son, Clare, had the adjoining farm.
  • farm operation that taught our children the "VALUE OF HARD WORK"! Baled hay, planted corn, etc. One New Year's eve our MYF youth's from our church

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