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  • Family farm lots of loving memories
  • Brunger farm most out buildings are gone but great to see this photo . Brings back a lot of memories.
  • This is my grand parents old farm. So many memories.
  • This is the home I grew up in. My father still owns it,wonderful memories.
  • We moved into this place in 1984/85. Lived there until November 1994. Lots of memories.
  • My dad built our home from the ground up. Things have changed a lot since this was taken. It brings back some good memories.
  • My parent's house and where I lived from 4 years of age until I got married (1955) Many good memories of those years.
  • Best years of my life in that farm. Lots of memories, lots of fun! Glad Mo and I raised our family there. A lot of work/remodeling but was worth it.
  • I remember this house it was set back off the road and the pool, no pole barn yet, what memories it brings back ❤️
  • This is my childhood home. It was recently sold and will soon be torn down. The memories are flooding back of a more simplistic time. When it wasn't popular to be the "country kids". How times have changed!

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