Photo 47-CJA-15


14029 Michigan Ave, Grass Lake, mi?

Could this be where kids played BB. In the barn. Heard stories.

This farm was owned by Gotfredson Farms in the 60's. There was a huge farm action here in 1968(?) when the Robert Gotfredson died and the farms were sold off.

Yes, my husband grew up here, before and after 1950’s.
Address was 14237 E.Michigan.

Hi Linda,
Do you know if the property has changed over the years? Do you know what kind of farming your husbands family did on the property?

If you google the house, almost everything is gone. Barns are in a pile.

I professionally metal detect old properties in the area and may be able to track back to original homesteaders. Does anyone know prior owners? Do these names ring a bell? - Wellhoff, Ferria, Beegar or Faay ( or similar name)? I might be interested in detecting the property so if anyone knows the owner, love to be in touch -

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