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This was my childhood home. My grandfather, Dewey Mains, purchased the property in the 1930's. At that time the large log cabin had not yet been built and an older abandoned home sat where to the right where the smaller log cabin now sits. They had the older home moved off the property. Grandma always told me that it ended up somewhere in town. The large cabin was completed in the 1930's and the smaller one was completed in 1970. My grandparents spent many summers with their children (my mother and her siblings) here during the summers. Grandpa planted thousands of red and jack pines on the property. Years later in the 1960's my grandfather retired from his pharmacy in Quincy and he and grandma moved here permanently. In 1969 my grandfather gave his daughter (my mother) some property on the west side of the lake (Hoyt Lake) where my parents built their home and where my sister and I grew up. The lakes (as there was the main lake, Hoyt, 1st and 2nd lake which were accessible via canoe through a connecting stream) offered great fishing and was an awesome place to swim in the hot summers. Both of my grandparents passed away leaving the entire property to my mother and her sister. In 2000 they sold the property ending a wonderful family legacy.
The property is now owned, intact, by another family.

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