Photo 179-OSH-27


7531 Garrison Rd. The house looks pretty much the same. The landscape has changed a lot. My husband and I have lived here since 2016.

This was my childhood home! Lived there since 2004, other commenter bought it from my family in 2016 lol. So much about that whole place has changed! That tiny pine tree in front of the barn is huge !! The barn is finished! Almost all the vegetation was removed, more trees I guess. On the back side of the house (closest to the barn) there was a HUGE lilac bush! The biggest ive ever seen in my life! I miss that lilac bush. Kept goats and chickens in the barn and there is a pond in the back of the property. I use to catch so many frogs there.

I miss this house a lot, a lot has changed with it including my family’s. Mom died from cancer, I grew up! Wish she could have seen me grow up. I miss this house a lot and I’m so thankful for the memories I had there. Was a great place to grow up and experience life. Hope it stays for a long time, would love to visit it again some day.

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