Photo 148-TWA-9


My grandfather (Jim) and dad (Bob) owned Julien's.

This was my Dad's store!

I owned the computer store in Kennedy Plaza across the street. Became good friends with Dave that had the Sports store and Paul that owned Palemeros Pizza. Over the years got to know Bob well. When asked if he’d sell, his answer was always the same... when I’m offered One Million Dollars. Guess Rite Aide met his price.

We’d go to Julien’s Market for candy all the time! Jolly rancher sticks and gum shaped like a little hamburger

I always went to that store when I was a kid.

Real "Vintage" would have been when I was a kid and Ford and Canton Center were each two-lane roads. Julien's was before self-serve pumping and the area across the road was green, free of asphalt and curbs.

My first trip around that corner was early December of 1953 when my husband & I moved to Detroit from east central Illinois! Took Ford Rd. into Joy & Greenfield, where we lived before moving to Plymouth in 1956. Now that was “vintage”!!

I remember it well. Back when Canton was farm country. We would drive from Belleville to Plymouth and Canton was all farms and Ford Road was pretty empty also.

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