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The Ed and Peg Seeley home. They passed away a few years ago and this place was sold. All the buildings except the big white shop and the main house have been tore down.
George Seeley used to have a small engine repair shop in the barn. We used to live in the little house up by the road. Ed Seeley had a furniture repair and restoration shop in the big white building. Peg Seeley had an upholstery shop in the little house until she retired.
Most of the family, except the oldest son and the youngest daughter have all passed away.

It was owned before Ed and Peg by Ed's parents who farmed it for many years. The road was renamed after the Seeley's. It was a place where many generations gathered at holidays.

The Seeley Rd. was named after Henry Seeley( George Seeley Father) had homesteaded land in Wexford County (Manton area) back in the 18 hundreds and because they were one of the first on the road ( mere two track)Thus named Seeley Rd. Information can be valeted by a family member of Henry Seely's Grandson.

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