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This is the Podratz farn untill into the the 1970's. This was home statded by Fritz Dreier, they rraised their family their , one of the sons lived their and run the lad before Podratz'z moved in. They had to wait with moving in because the Albert and Lena chilredran were sick and courtined.1938 Edwin & Elvira and Edwin got married and moved their in the spring of 1938. They did some up keeeps on the farm for improvements abd staty eteir untill 1977, they built a new home in Hutchenson, Minn. and moved ther in November of 1976. They ssold the farm to Turtle brothers. After they had it payed for in the 1990's they removed the building and trees. Now it is 2018 abd tget still work the land.

Yes I grew up thier, my name is Georgia , married Wesley Thran in 6 - 29 1957.
Now I'm Georgia (Robert) Schulte, Oct. 19, 2018

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