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  • Some of the buildings are gone
  • I grew up here. The barn, silo and corn crib are gone. That long low shed by the road is gone, as is the maple tree there about center.
  • Barn gone, newer rambler house, machine shed erected near the house.
  • Left hand barn is gone and replaced by a bew shop. This is where i grew up. My parents bought it in '76 i believe. My dad actually worked in this farm as a kid for the Ring family.
  • This is the old Burrichter farm near the "new" school. My dad Julius Burrichter grew up here and it was later farmed by his brother John (and Lucille). It is pretty much gone now.
  • Everything, this was my grandparent's farm Del & Bertha Durgin. The outhouse is gone, the windmill, hen house, pig barn, slop pit, and the barn
  • house. I can't tell if the pond, garden area and apple orchard are still there or not. The trees are bigger now. Sadly all that grew up in that house from oyr family are gone too. The 140? acre farm belongs to new families now.
  • This is where my father grew up outside Mazeppa,MN. His sister and her husband now own it. Many of the small sheds and the old house are gone
  • Wallace C Mickow farm. I grew up here. This place was built by a Beck. Herman, I think. It is all gone now. No sign of any of this. The big barn
  • I grew up here in my childhood years. This was my home, my memories,my life with my parents and siblings. The house we lived in is now gone, all
  • the tree are gone, but the 2 apple trees that my sister and I climbed when we were Young are still there. Gosh I miss this place. We used to play

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