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  • I live here now. The 3 small buildings are gone. Barn is now red, fence in yard is gone.
  • We live here now, the barn is gone there is a bigger shed back behind and a new house!
  • The Ralph & Avanell Booth Farm east of Amoret, MO. The old barn is gone and a new addition was built on the back towards the east.
  • I grew up here and now own it. The house and all cars & junk are gone and we are currently building a new house.
  • I live on this farm now and it has changed a lot! Most of the old buildings are long gone but the house is still there!
  • Barn is gone, call nfinment finishing floor behindshed north of house..lots of changes
  • The old house is gone and a new manufactured home was built on a basement. The old dairy barn by the road was torn down and another shed/barn was built on its foundation
  • There are no grain bins left. The white shed by the road is gone. No pond. It looks very, very different. I currently live here.
  • Hubert & Edith Weddle Farm on J Highway. Everything there is gone now. :(
  • there but they've built on to it from all sides. All the maples died from old age and are now gone. The little (we called it the model T shed because
  • it was built for exactly that in the 1920s) west of the house is gone now.Dad had a newer dairy barn built in the 80s which isn't in this photo, its

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