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I have lots of fond memories of Rucker, where my grandparents lived from the late 1940s until their passing in the 1990s. My aunt continued living here until 2004. The building front center was a grocery store they operated until the late 1960s; it originally (until the late 1950s) had a hand-operated gas pump (with the glass ball on top) at the front left corner, too. This house did not have an indoor bathroom until about 1968, and still had an outhouse as the second bathroom in this photo. I have no idea whose old car is parked in front by the blacktop.

My grandparents bought the store and moved here in 1946. Just a few years earlier, the original store (which was the full size of the foundation on which this store building rests) was destroyed by a tornado. The "new" store building was constructed of blocks hand-made from sand in Sugar Creek (just beyond the top of this photo). The late 40s Plymouth here belonged to my grandfather's sister and brother-in-law (who lived about a mile south of here). They purchased it new; so they got their money's worth.

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