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Sandy's Lake on 100 west of New Haven.

It was a pay for fishing place...long closed. Now a rental property.

My husband and i are getting ready to purchase this property....
It looks nothing like this anymore, but we plan to grt it back to this state, or even better!

That is great. We live up on Diederich Road.

Drove by the lake today. My grandparents used to take me fishing there. Probably 45-50 years ago. Good memories. Would like to have a place like that to take my grandkids!

Would love to fish there again with my grand kids

The Browns are renovating the whole place. It grows more beautiful every day.

My husband and I went fishing there years ago .
Also went dancing at the barn too. So glad it is being renovated. Be a great place for people to spend time there. The renovations to it are just beautiful. By the way. My maiden name is Brown.

Connie, are you Harvey Summer’s wife? If so, it is nice to think of you and harvey dancing there when younger.

Yes Harvey is my husband. He did a lot of remodeling to your home

What a sweet thing. It is fun to think of you two as a fun, young couple going out to Sandy’s Lake. You two are a sweet couple. Isn’t it nice that they are fixing up the place. It gets prettier every day. We drive by it almost every day on our way to town.

Yes. I am glad they are remodeling it. It is a perfect place to spend the day.

My husband and I have been working hard to get SANDY'S LAKE AKA MCCURDY'S up and running!!!
The lake is open for fishing...all we ask is that you call ahead so we know who's here, especially since we live here!!!
The banquet room is complete and we are waiting on the license so we can start having memories made here!!!
The Guest House, which was the old Gas Station, should be completed within a week or so!!!
And our plans to rebuild the Old ROADSIDE BARN, are a work in progress! We have a lot of planning to do, but we can see it in the future!!!!
Please come by and see what we've done.....
Thank you for all the support and prayers....
God has been good to us and we are so very grateful!!!!
Mike and Deborah Brown
913-206-5783. Deborah
816-304-6106. Mike

Ken Schneider
It belonged to my aunt and uncle. My mom would take me and a freind to visit, fish, and shoot BB guns. We would also go down there to celebrate Christmas with them and cousins. Their home was above the reasurant. My uncle Henry had a bull dozer sitting out front which I believe he used to make the catfish breading lakes below the main lake. We would also go there to ice skate on the big lake in the winter. Uncle Henry would drive a Ford tractor on the ice to make sure it was safe.

Thought it looks like "the barn" where we went to dances in the late 50s! Am I incorrect?

Carol Maune
Yes, this is the location of the old ROADSIDE BARN!!!
Our plans was to rebuild the Roadside Barn, but Franklin County makes doing any improvements extremely difficult....
We would still love to move forward, but with all the stress and disappointments that they have already caused us, it may never happen......
Deborah Brown/

Deborah,It is sad the county doesn't want to cooperate with people who are trying to improve the county instead of roadblocks. Hope things go well for you. It's a beautiful area.
P.s. I know Connie Summers from school and I've taught school withNettie! Hi to both.

Hi, to all of you. It would be so nice to allow good and positive construction all over the county. It would increase all property values.

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