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I went K -2nd grade here in 1972-74. it is gone now and I actually live 1/4 mike from the old school site. This was Concord school north of Hayti mo

I attended school here 1st thru 6 th grade, 1961-1966. A lot of precious memories in that building of my childhood friends and school days. I still have my test records, report cards and health records from here. Concord elementary ❤️

I loved this school and my first grade teacher Ms Hays and second grade teacher Ms Edwards.

Attended there grades 1-3. Mr. Raymond Swift was our custodian, bus driver & friend to all. My entire family attended there. The Concord community was a great place for kids to grow up. Churches, local stores & lots of great people & memories. Still here and very proud of it.

I went to school here from 1st thru 7th grade. Mrs.Hayes was my 1st grade teacher and Miss Edwards my second grade teacher! Ernest Noel was our bus driver but I remember Mr.Swift!! Wonderful memories!!!

I helped tear it down it was my playhouse growing up played on the play ground. And worked for Buddy McCrary when he purchased it and tore it down and made it a pond that it is today

1st-6th grades. Mrs. Hayes was our 1st-grade teacher, as she was of most kids that attended Concord. In 7th grade, we moved just down the road from the school. Ernest Noel, my dad, drove a school bus, was bus mechanic and friend to many children. Mr. Swift was custodian, drove the bus, his wife, Estelle, was cook in the cafeteria. So many wonderful memories, some not so great. Feel blessed to have been a part of this community and the history. It was a time of love and friendship.

I went 1st through 7th grade at (concord) this school. Lots of memories. The school was a academically excellent.

I went 1st grade. 1948, Mrs Nellie Hayes to 7th grade 1955 at Concord Grade School. I remember when they added 4 new classrooms, indoor bathrooms in 1948-1949 for our new 2nd grade classroom. Wow indoor toilets no more trips in old winter to the outhouse

Went to school here first through the seventh grade.....first grade Mrs. Hayes...2nd grade Miss Sikes....3rd grade Miss Hughes.....4th grade Mrs. Vickers.... 5th grade Mr Richardson...6th grade Mrs Taylor and 7th grade Mrs Taylor....

I went to school all my elementary-school years here, 1-7 grades. The building had eight huge classrooms, and each year, I was in a different classroom so that I was in every room of the building, for a whole year, except for one room. The building had a huge gymnasium in the center, a nice, big stage with maroon, velvet curtains, a separate lunchroom, separate music room and a huge bus garage. When I began school, we had outdoor toilets, way to the back of the playground - the boys' behind the ballfields on the south side of the back playground and he girls' on the north side of the back playground, just beyond the bus garage. Both toilets were right up against the field crops, and as near to the edge of the playground as they could get. Also, there was a huge coal shed, for he storage of coal that was needed for our heat source.

It is so sad to see the building like this,deserted,so lonely and unloved. To think of all the children who walked those halls, played on the playground and ate in the lunch room. The building may be gone, but think of all the memories those walls held and all the memories we carry with us every day. It will forever be in our hearts.

I started Kindergarten in Concord Elementary North of Hayti in 1967. My older brother and sister went there also. We rented a home on a corner from a man named Ed Stevens. My pregnant mother, brother, sister and myself. My looser father was out chasing skirts while we were starving to death. He still lives in Hayti all theses years later on North 6th Street, south of the park. Memories!

I went to school at Concord 3 - 6 grades. I had Mr. Richardson for 5th and Me. Cole in 6th. That was 1959 - 62. Loved seeing this picture.

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