Photo 4-ORA-19


That's where I grew up with my 4 siblings. We swam in that pond, and climbed those trees. Seven of us lived in that tiny little house. We started out with an out house, and then graduated to a bathroom that doubled as a back mudroom.

I geew up there. "
One of my dear to my heart friends (Jan Golian) bought the farm. Jan and her husband David built a more than Beautiful home there. I'm more than blessed to still live down the road from it.I get to pass by it all the time as my heart overflows with memories. Some of my friends and me use to jump the rows of sow beans in the back field. As kids we use to both ice skate and play ice hockey on that pond in the Winters. One of the scariest things I can remember while living there was everytime it rained the creek came rolling towards our house.
One of my fondest memories is when Daddy gave us a little 3 legged pig to raise as a pet. We named him Blackie. He use to meet everyone who drove up in their car along with meeting us at the school bus. But one day we cane home from school and Blackie was no longer there. A few weeks later our freezer was full of pork chops etc. I can remember refusing to eat Blackie not sure if my siblings remember this or not. But I will never forget Blackie!!!

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