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  • I lived here until I was 11. I loved playing in the barns. Now I live here with my husband and two children, but the original house, most barns, and most of the trees are gone.
  • This marina is long gone. They had a problem maintaining the harbor depth due to large amounts of silt deposited by the Osage River.
  • WE own this place. Old house is gone, new house and new building. Old big barn is still there.
  • All the buildings are gone with exception of big barn and partially hidden old schoolhouse. It was my uncle's farm just east of where I grew up.
  • I believe this is the house I lived in from 1955 to 1962. The house is gone now, but outbuildings are still there. The metal garage building in the foreground next to the house wasn't there when I lived there.
  • Bought this place in 2000. House was gone. Had a burnt trailer where the house had been when I got it. Have since built a cabin and shop building
  • This home, buildings and all existence has been gone for many years. Sad seeing so many farms shrink away!
  • My grandparents good friends lived there. Moe and Darrel. So many memories going over there and visiting. Those barns on the east side of the road are long gone. The house wont make it much longer.

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