I believe this could be the house my grandmother lived in (The Stackhouse Farm on Hawkin Road). My great-grandparents Stacy & Fannie Lippincott owned the farm from 1920 until around 1936. The John K Ossi VoTech School is located there now. I can recall it just before it was torn down, as my parents drove around the house to get one last look (probably 1976 or 77? - I was 6 or 7).

Hi Jeffery,
Do you remember what kind of farm it was, they have a lot of barns so maybe they had some animals? Do you know what is here now?

John K Ossi VoTech School is located there now.

I believe that when my great-grandparents owned the farm, it was varied in the types of crops they grew. Corn, tomatoes, etc. I don't think it was dairy. However, I think they did have a few animals, such as pigs, horses, and chickens. You also have to realize, they had to store vehicles, farming equipment, house animals, feed, and crops, among other things.

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