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  • Gone
  • Tons has changed. Barn is gone. silos down. New barns built.
  • This was where i grew up here...Most of the trees are gone...
  • I grew up there with my brothers & sisters mom & dad alone with the farm animals. No old cars there one building gone . Also some tres missing !
  • The buildings are all gone now except the small garage. Set fire by the DeRuyter Fire Department as the buildings were in poor condition.
  • Both camps are redone. Big tree gone
  • This was my grandparents farm. It's all gone now and a new house is built there.
  • small barn gone building next to house replaced silo gone i would say photo was taken on a friday afternoon
  • Onan generator dealer. My favorite, I have one about this old. And a diner made from a railroad car on the right. Those used to be everywhere but are mostly gone today.
  • This is my childhood home. I live just up the road from it now. Several of the outbuildings are gone and a new two car garage has been built.

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