This is the Christenbury Farm circa 1982. Wood and Sue Christenbury were the owner's of this North Carolina Heritage Farm at that time. To obtain this classification, a farm must be in continuous ownership for more than 100 years by the same family. Christenbury Farm was established in 1883. Portions of this farm are still owned by the Christenbury Family. There are now several housing developments on the property with people from all around the world living here. It is located on Christenbury Parkway and is in close proximity to the Concord Mills area. I am a grand-daughter of Wood Christenbury.

It doesn't look like it did when I grew up there in 1935-to 1953. I an # 4 of # 8 children taught us many things as they worked along with the young children in the farming operation. It was a good farm life with out electric power or running water.

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