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029 qro 04
29-QRO-4 (1985)
My grandparents, Eugene and Gwynn Shelton built this house. They still live there to this day.
067 gro 24
67-GRO-24 (1998)
My husband and I built this home 1996. Still living there 2018. Looks the same except trees have matured.
018 brok 11
18-BROK-11 (1990)
The house is more run down. Less trees due to logging. Otherwise the same. My kin used to live here
018 brok 19
18-BROK-19 (1990)
I now live in this house. Some of the trees and bushes are missing. The drive is paved
018 gro 14
18-GRO-14 (1998)
I grew up here.
120 qro 10
120-QRO-10 (1985)
My house, bough new in 79.
003 mro 18
3-MRO-18 (1999)
My stepmother Sandras uncle Fonzie grew up in this home, and remained there his entire life.
003 mro 17
3-MRO-17 (1999)
This photo is the childhood homeplace of my stepmothers uncle Fonzie. She is 77 years on now,but pretty much... more »