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Key Ridge School

Attended grade school here from 1953-1960. My class was the first class to go to 8th grade in Bellaire. Most of school has been torn down and a church (he's Alive!) has re-purposed the building. Some of the major oil and gas fracking in the area is taking place there at this moment in time. Always played softball under the hi-tension lines to the left! My mother and my Aunt Martha Taylor both taught here for many years, and my dad and uncles drove the school bus a long time.

Yes, attended 1st-5th here:)

Attended: 1983-1987. My family moved back to the valley the beginning of my 2nd grade year. So many wonderful memories here. I gained great freindships. I grew up only a mile from the school as well. I remember the stories my mom told me as she also was a student there. She loved Mrs. Taylor and I was fortunate enough to get to know her. She lived right on top of the hill from me.

I went to grade school here starting half way through first grade through seventh (1956-1963). My favorite teacher was Mrs Polinsky in 4th grade. We used to play softball at lunchtime in that flat field like area to the left of the school. It was even more forested then especially around the back of the school and on those hills to the right of the school. If I remember correctly it took about an hour to get to school on the bus.

Church Alive now.

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