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  • Lots of great memories there!
  • So many memories that will last a lifetime!
  • Old Fizzleville store ran by Ms Alma. Lot of childhood memories of this place! Store burned to groundm
  • This was home sweet home for my child hood. Lots of memories there.
  • Hirons Memorial Works. Still there on Rt 68, Bardwell.
  • This is the house I grew up in! Love seeing this...brings back a ton of memories...
  • The skating rink when i was a kid! Great memories. Now a bus garage.
  • My dad Donald Maher was born in this house..So many great Memory's Of all my Aunt's and Uncle's and Cousin's in this house..So happy it is still in the Family.
  • My Dad Earl Maher was also born in this house. ..A lot of memories of Family...So grateful it is still in the family....
  • My kids grandfather owned this house and they spent every weekend and almost the entire summers there for many years, great memories of swimming and fishing in the pond, family parties, man great memories in that house.
  • My childhood home! MANY memories made here! <3

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