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120 yce 15
  • Unbelievable....the memories in the driveway!
120 yce 30
  • Our house in Williamsburg that dad built. Wonderful memories!!
206 yce 17
  • All my best memories we're in this house.
070 yce 04
  • I grew up in this home! I was born 5 years after this was taken. What sweet memories. Love seeing this!
081 yce 31
  • I lived here years ago . So many memories in this house . It burnt down not long after this pic was taken and my dad rebuilt it.
004 yce 14
  • went to this church many years worked on it from day 1 until 2000 .seen many lives changes Thank God for moving in my Family, and so many good memories
006 fcl 36
  • been there a few times worked for Daisy when i was 16 she didnt know any better then worked for her again in 1970 after i came home from California thats where i met my hubby this place holds alot of memorys good and BAD
075 yce 06
  • My Dad, Rodney Wilson and Mom, Dawn had this house built when I was just 1 or 2. It has great childhood memories! My dad rebuilt cars on the side as you can see lol.
042 yce 04
  • This is where grew up. My mom and dad passed away in 1985 and the farm was sold. I have some great memories of the farm and things we did
114 yce 07
  • I grew up here between about 1986 to 1992. it was called spraugs (spl?)lake by the locals. it was located across from the newer Batavia high school, where they built Batavia lakes on old 32. brings back memories.

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