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Schumeth's Restaurant OH-502 & Greenville-Nashville Rd.

Oh wow.....I worked there :)

Mike Schumeth was a high school buddy of my father. I remember our visiting when Mike was converting the building (I don't remember now the original use). I was about 12 or so. I remember Dad and Mike having a beer and it was the last time I ever saw Dad drink anything alcoholic. Mom later told me that he decided if he was going to tell me I should leave alcohol alone, he needed to set an example. Mike initially called it The Triangle Inn.

I used to eat there.I loved their heney benny chicken.The pizza was great too.I liked their basket set on the table with good crackers and veggies.

I must have eaten there with my family and friends at least 100 times. Loved those little pplastic monkeys that came with the Roy Rogers kiddie drinks.

I started working there when I was 14. Stayed for 11 years. Mike cut all meat himself, made the sausage for the pizzas as well, his receipe. We breaded the tenderloin and the onion rings as well. Can't enough be said about the pizzas, when I started there a 12 inch pepperoni pizza was 2.50!! No joke sure do miss it and the family who became my family.

Bonnie Broderick

I live right down the street from that restaurant and I knew Mike in lieu very well I worked there salad from 1964 to 1966 I was 14 years old and it's true Mike did cut all his own meats and make his own sausage I was a dishwasher there and nobody could have gone to school with Mike because he was from Michigan

I work today are with Mary bankson who was the waitress for many years

Mike's wife's name was Louise but we all called her loo for short he had two daughters Donna eberwein and Judy Westfall and his first grandson where's named Michael eberwein and then came David and then two girls and another boy name TJ

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