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  • This was built in the mid 1950's as the Greenville Township consolidated school to replace the one-room school houses in the township around
  • Greenville. Around 1962, the Greenville Township Schools merged with Greenville City Schools and this building became Woodland Heights elementary which sat
  • at the corner of OH-118 and Children's Home Bradford Rd. I went to school here from 1971-1978. It was torn down in November 2017.
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  • Greenville Township Consolidated School and more recently, Woodland Heights Elementary School. OH 118 & Childrens Home-Bradford Road. I went to school here from 1971-1978.
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  • Ansonia High School (The two buildings in the center of the photo) and Elementary School (the newer building behind the HS. (These have since been torn down and replaced with a new K-12 building east of Ansonia on OH-47)
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  • Wow! What a change! I started school and went through first, second, and half the third grade in the angled roof section - and that is all
  • that is the correct place for Washington School. I drove bus for this school.
  • Washington Township #5 /McClure School (it is the square in the top left corner of the current building with an angled roof.) It was significantly
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  • Woodland Heights Elementary School OH 118 & Childrens Home-Bradford Road. I was a student at this school the year this photo was taken
  • . This building was originally built as the Greenville Township School consolidating all of the students from the one room schoolhouses in the township that had been in use into the 1950's when this building opened...
  • I was a student here from 1981 (first grade) to 1986 (5th grade). Then my 6th grade year they had all the sixth graders from all elementary schools
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  • Butler Township School/Arcanum-Butler Middle School at US 127 and Grubbs-Rex Rd. This building has been demolished; only the southern addition remains.
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  • This old two-room school house is no longer standing.
  • This is 4340 Brown Road. I grew up here from 1976 to late the late 1990s. The old School House was torn down and the current home was built in 1972. The barn and the garage are still standing.
  • Brown Township #6/Maple Grove School.
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  • Greenville Township School #2, Avery School located on Hunter Road between OH-118 and the Cincinnati Northern Railroad Tracks(now CJ Corman RR
  • .) It was the replacement schoolhouse for the one that burned down at that location in 1915. This style of school house was unique in the county and likely
  • was one of the very last one room school houses to be built in the county. Unfortunately, this school is no longer standing.
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  • Mississinawa Valley Schools (originally the Jackson Township School) on OH-47 at Staudt Rd. between Ansonia and Union City. These buildings have all been torn down and replaced by a modern K-12 school.
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  • I am pretty sure this is the old Midnight School; it is the only 1 room schoolhouse near Greenville that I have seen that has the small dormer on the side of the building.
  • This is Greenville Township #21/Midnight School.
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