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  • Old warner farm on hogpath road just east of 127
  • Back view of Jack Collins farm on the southern end of Smith Road.
  • Photo 13 & 15 are the same farm just different views.
  • Photo 1 & 2 are backwards according to flight path. Farm is no longer.
  • Greenhaven Motel, owner asked permission from Frank Stebbins to use Frank's farm's name, Greenhaven, for his motel. Frank gave him permission.
  • The Bixler Farm from 1955 to 1990. I lived here from the time I was born in July of 1962 to early 1990.
  • 3370 St.Rt. 47 West Lee Houpt and family farm
  • Grain bins are gone. The farm buildings in back have more grain bins.
  • I believe that Tess and Gary Osborn live at this farm now.
  • Photo 2 & 3 are the same farm just different views. Unger Rd.

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