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This land was given for free to my cousin who treated my grandpa & grandma like crap.His father and son would cuss my grandma and grandpa out . I did most of the work such as mowing there huge yard,I helped bale hay and spent many hours in the corn fields. My wife and I painted the house 2 times and the chicken coop twice. I drove my grandma anywhere she needed to go after my grandpa died because no one else would help her. I did all these things during junior high and high school and still did these things after I was married because the rest of the family with the Lones name was to busy. There were ones in school that could have at least most mowed the yard but he wouldn`t do it so I did it because I loved my grandma so much.My brother also did alot of work and my dad but we didn`t recieve a dime when they all passed on. This picture brings alot of bad memories because this is just a portion of the land. There is also a big farmhouse that no one lived in but my worthless uncle wouldn`t even let his own granddaughter buy the home from him and not any land but he finally let her rent it from him. This photo has alot of bad memories for me because because my aunts and mom were denied what they should have had. At least my grandpa bought me a nice car before he passed on for all the work I did for him and grandma and I gave them total respect. My last name is not Lones but I loved my grandparents and gave them total respect. I didn`t cuss them out and always did what they wanted me to.This picture is just a portion of free land given to my so called relatives.

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