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Old Washington Elementary

I went to this school from 1968 to 1979. It was known as Zane Trace High School and Old Washington Elementary until 1978 when the district consolidated with Madison High School. The high school was renamed Buckeye Trail. My class was the first class to graduate from the "new" school.
The building was demolished sometime in the 1990s. It was built in 1933.

This was known as Olw Washington Elem. and Mid. School it was closed when local schools consolidated as Buckeye Trail it was demolished in 2004 and now a park and baseball field takes its place. The old vo ag FFA building is now the central office.

Sam 1978 was the first graduating class of Buckeye Trail

School was not demonilished until 2005 or after. I graduated from the new hs in 2094 and these building will still in use .

So many went to school here and LIKE each one of them it always felt like it was just mine. So missed

Looking for pictures as our 50th class reunion approaches. The 70’s were a great time! Great memories and friendships that remained since graduating in 1970!

This is the year I graduated from BTHS

I attended this school from 1984 (K) to 1987 (2nd grade). Many great memories were made here, wish they could've repurposed the building instead of demolishing it.

Shame gym atleast was'nt donated to the fire dept.. Old Gym was made into a library and band room after new was built..

Sure miss my days at Zane Trace/Buckeye Trail. Couldn't wait to graduate, and now I miss it, well at least parts of it!!

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