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  • nice memories Becky
  • So many memories here!
  • I graduated from HHS in 1971. Ithink it is terrible that it was torn down. Many kids had great memories.
  • Looking at this picture is like looking a a picture of a great friend who died before their time...very sad...loved the building, the atmosphere and the memories...
  • I graduated from this school in 1968. Happy memories. I was so sorry they felt it should be torn down instead of re-purposed in some way.
  • I grew up here. Such fond memories of this place.
  • My Granny worked here. Brings back the memories of her wild stories of working there. They'll forever live on.. I love and miss you Granny. R.I.P Patty (aka Granny). Gone but never forgotten..
  • I loved to eat there when I was little. My Grandparents always made sure we ate in the plane. Lots of memories on Sundays there.
  • My mamaw and papaw ate here every Sunday until they passed away. So many memories.
  • I grew up here. Many wonderful memories. Wish it looked like that now!
  • My mom and dads home. Mom and dad have passed.My brother David Adkins bought the place he to has passed his wife Nancy now resides there. The trailer behind the house is gone. Happy memories there.
  • I really miss not seeing this house when I drive down Panhandle. Lots of great memories here!
  • This is my grandparents property. They are passed away now but love seeing anything that brings back the memories of them and the childhood that we had growing uo there.
  • This brings back so many childhood memories. I lived on my grandfather's farm about a mile past this bridge,going right after crossing the bridge

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