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  • Food Mart at a former gas station.
  • Pure gas station, east side of Rt 18, just north of Harrison St, Clarksfield. Nellie's Food Store is listed here also, off to the left.
  • The gas station just to the west of the 20 & 4 Restaurant (photo 2-MHU-27). The empty building is still there.
  • the gas station was the Bellevue Gastown but the 20&4 was no more. The station is still there today, empty and for sale.
  • South side of Rt 20 at Rt 4 (on the left), Bellevue. A service station and truck stop on the right, the 20&4 Restaurant at the corner. In the 1980s
  • North side of Rt 20 just east of Sandusky St, Monroeville. Midway Trucks today, I think it was back then also. The little gas station in front was gone within a few years. The one on the left torn down in the 1980s.
  • Rt 20 at Baker St today. The company on the lower right is the Sunrise Cooperative today. You can see the pumps of a gas station in the lower middle
  • . The service station/fuel dealer on the north side of the street was demolished in the 1980s and around 2000 the present BP station and 7-Eleven was built
  • Old gas station/store is now the site of Friendship Food Stores.
  • at times, perhaps it was the building just to the left. It is attached to the store. The store looks about the same today, the gas station is gone.
  • Abie's Country Store and a Sohio service station, southwest corner of Rt 250 and Peru-Olena Rd, Olena. There was also an Obie's Tavern listed here

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