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  • chicken coop gone outhouse missing many trees gone
  • Barns and corn crib and grainary are gone.
  • One of the barns burned and has been replaced, the house was taken down and replaced, and the apple orchard is gone.....and so much more ......
  • Rt 60 south of Rt 303, Wakeman. This view is looking west, the house is still there but the two buildings on the near side are gone.
  • South side of Monroe St east of Madden St, Bellevue. Some of the barns are gone today. Note: The previous Geotag was not correct.
  • Rt 224 just east of Austin Dr, south side, Willard. The newer barn to the right is still there, the old one is gone.
  • This is my cousins house and it looks nothing like that now three of the buildings are gone and its very different now.
  • South side of Rt 303 just east of the curve on the east side of Wakeman. Everything is the same except the barn in the back is gone.
  • Tee large barn is gone and the house has been replaced or extensively remodeled today.
  • Stieber Implement, south side of Schaeffer Rd west of Lovers Lane, north of Norwalk. The house remains the same today, these old buildings are gone, replaced with a large modern one housing Stieber brothers Inc.

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