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  • This is the farm where I grew up. So many good memories........
  • Our family lived there from 1980-2004. It was the some of the greatest memories of our lives! Loved 365!
  • I remember going to my brother Danny, and Mary's house for big holiday dinners and family gatherings, Great memories.~ Aunt Skip
  • This is my Grandfather and grandmothers farm, they lived in this area all my life. We had so much fun with grandma, and grandpa, lots of happy memories.
  • This was my grandparent's home till it was destroyed by the tornado in 1973. This place belonged to Paul & Sadie Saunders. It is where I spent much of my childhood! Lot's of memories here! Love it!
  • Corner of Dogtown and Pontiac Section Line Rd. Many great memories! Thanks, Dad!
  • Loved summer stays at Aunt Dorothy & Uncle Dales dairy farm.. many fond memories with cousins doing chores, playing in the barn, and family
  • This was my grandparents’ home. My parents were married in 1969 and lived in the mobile home, and is was my first home. Wonderful memories here!!
  • West side of Old State Road, right at the southern end of the Memorial Reservoir (can be seen in the background). Just north of present day Executive
  • This is the Garner farm. I spent my childhood summers and weekends here at my grandparents home. I have very fond memories of my wonderful grandparents and "the farm"!
  • of the house and some of the pine trees are gone now and the siding is a different color. I miss the place that hold a lot of fond memories. I just ordered
  • my copy and can't wait to receive it! Thank you for taking it and bringing back fond memories for me!

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