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I grew up on this property!!! In the back trailer on the living room floor, January 7th (in 2 days) I was born. This property was the first to grandma's house, a battle field, a bank, a plane, it was hide and seek and red rover, but most importantly it was home. My grandpa and uncles built a barn and my grandma had the most beautiful garden.

My parents bought this property when I was 13 yrs old. I'm 63 now. They lived there until 2008 when they moved in with me. I worked just down the road until 2014 when my Mom sold the property.
It looks horrible and all overgrown now. The new owners have let it grow up so bad you can't even see the home they built in the back :( Sad....... As kids, my four brothers and I did a LOT of working on those 5 acres with our parents, but we had a lifetime of fun there too :)

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