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030 qlu 24

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Amazing! The Lehnert household. I see this photo and wonder what my 5 year old self was doing when this was taken. Probably fighting with my 9 year old big brother Matt! Today, a massive garden with almost every veggie you could imagine occupies the front yard and keeps my parents, Stan and Cindy, pretty busy. My father has cleared out many of the trees which he uses for fire wood and hand built a very impressive teepee that stands in the backyard. What a treat it is to be able to look at these visual time capsules. A lot has changed in 23 years but so much remains the same. Love this house!

My, how the trees have grown! This photo brings back quite a few memories! We have now cleared several trees in front of the ditch and have a 175 X 125 foot garden that feeds us, a lot of friends,neighbors a couple of charities, and many animals...mostly deer. It is such a blessing to be able to reflect on all the good times we have enjoyed on this wonderful acreage, so nicely captured in this vintage photograph!

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