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The Pentecostal Church of Christ denominational headquarters. The building with the Cross is their tabernacle, offices and Bible school. The three other building were used for housing. Since, about 40,000 sq. ft. of buildings have been added since. Missing in the photo is an old gas station on the corner of US 42 and Roberts Mill which served Cleveland to Cincinnati traffic before I-71 was constructed.

I know this is an older comment, but I'm wondering does anyone know the name of the gas station that was here? Or possibly photos of it? My great great grandparents ran this gas station in the 1930s and 40s and there's not much out there about it. Id be greatful to anyone who has any info on it.

Thank you.

Doesn't look like there are any photos on Vintage Aerial. Here is an ODOT aerial from the 1950s. Also try the Madison County Historical Society.

Thank you for the links Mixdenny. It looks like the building is there in that ODOT aerial. I'll give the historical society a try. Thanks again!

Wow! I worked at the Conference Center there for 34 years and tore the gas station down in the 90s. As late as the 50s a small store was there. Later, the gas pump area was enclosed to become part of the house and an addition was added in the late 50s. Sadly, we have no pictures so thank you for the ODOT aerial. That last I heard, the state right-of-way was 40 feet from the center of the highway until it got to the gas station and it shrunk to 30 feet and then back to 40.

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