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Corner of Pearl Rd. and Fenn Rd. in Medina, Ohio. I lived in that house when I was born! My grandparents, Harry and Mildred Davenport, owned it and my parents lived in a small apartment at the right end of the house. They paid the down payment with life insurance money received from the Govt for my Uncle Dick's death in a Japanese concentration camp in the Phillipines (WWII). It was damaged by the big tornado that hit there in Sept 1947. A barn located in the left rear corner of the property was taken by the storm. They sold it in 1956 to Bill and Martha Hanslicek and moved to one of the first homes built in Forest Meadows. The roller rink was next door and the Trading Post and the Fish House (later Rustic Inn) were across the street. At present, it is the Circle K gas station.

I remember it well! Our bus used to run this route. Thanks for the info!

Thank you Mary for this info. I knew my grandparents owned this house but nice to get a little background to it.

I lived there too Remember well that tornado My sister was a newborn and I was 4. Storm was a direct hit I roamed That property with my dog Amber Fond memories

I lived in the house on the north side of the skateland my brothers and I now own my parents house and garage

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