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It was actually called 1894 Antiques. The '1894'referred to the location (Rt. 18 and Rt. 94). The gas station that you see on the adjoining corner was 'Shorty's' owned by Keith Short of Sharon Township. The two remaining corners were Alexandris Restaurant (formerly a pizza place, originally Mozenas Chicken). The other corner was a BP station owned by Bill Renner of Sharon Township. He later sold his business to Wiessel (spelling). That area north of Rt. 18 on Rt. 94 was known as Young's Corners.

Also when Alexandris Restaurant closed is was speculated that ACME (grocery) was going to purchase the land to build a store. That didn't happen and Sheet's went in instead.

I lived not to far from this area on Wilbur Road I remember it being just like that when I was in High School (Highland)

My family moved into that building in the upstairs apartments when I was 5..that was bout 1952 .My parents finally moved out in 1979.. They were Margie and Hank Spice..

My brother- in-law, Jimmy Marrone, lived in the upstairs apartment in 1985 for a little while.

I actually waited tables when it was Moxenas, my husband Tom and I went to school with Joyce Mozena.

I stopped there often in the 1990s when it was the 1894 Shop. A very nice place and I bought numerous things there. I don't think it had the grassy spot with the tree on the corner by then.

I see this building is completely gone, razed around 2000.

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