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  • Track is gone. As well as a pond.
  • I see this building is completely gone, razed around 2000.
  • Klinect farm. My Uncle grew up here. Lot has changed. Original farm house is gone, middle barn is gone and rebuilt. Chicken coop is gone and race shop is in its place.
  • OMG... Most all the trees are gone around the house. The big willow trees in the lower yard are gone also. And many more pine trees are in the back fields!
  • Rex pipe supply and "Robies" Certified gas station in front. All gone now
  • Closer look at the Washington Court Racquet Club. Gone.
  • This was the Geisinger home the house and most of the barns are gone. The Coin family own the property now.
  • The home I grew up in. Family still lives there. Barns are gone now. Mobile has been added on to.
  • This is my grandparent's house, now owned by my parents. It doesn't look that much different, though some of the trees are gone. It is very
  • This is the house I grew up in. I actually live in this home now. My parents bought it in 1961 and have since passed away. The barn is gone and there is a garage now up by the house.The trees are much biggernow.

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