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077 hme 25
  • This is my family farm. WE have a new shed now, and a lot of the trees are gone, but it is still much the same.
058 hme 30
  • Leugers Insurance on the left edge of the photo. The small house in the center of the photo is gone.
073 hme 23
  • a lot has changed hear, almost all the buildings are gone just in last 6 months
141 hme 33
  • yes this is were we live moved here 1978 house burnt 1982 new house white barn big barn bin gone
129 hme 27
  • That's our homeplace. I still live there!. The trees are much taller,the little barn is gone with a big steel polebarn in it's place. The open porch is enclosed and the child who wore the diapers is almost 35 yearsold!
115 hme 03
  • Trees and bushes along the road are gone. A huge pond is now where the field left of the house is.
144 hme 15
  • I grew up here! Family moved there in 1971 and my parents moved from there in 1989. The barns are all gone now and the trees we planted are all mature now

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